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I am not that typical guy you know in any love stories. The one that will tell feelings directly to their love ones. The one that shows affection first, oh well I am not that kind of person. A lot of people know that I am an introvert man, and it’s not easy to socialize easily. Many people thought that I was mean but actually I am shy. I feel so happy being on my own and it’s okay for me. I don’t need to.be with a lot of people to get their attention so. I am okay within myself, okay to deal with life alone because I am used to it. Maybe this was also the effect of my childhood. My parents left me when I was a kid, they were both selfish of doing that so. It’s not easy to face life alone but I practice myself not to depend to anyone since even my own parents can leave me. My life wasn’t so easy; I’ve been through a lot that is why other people opinions don’t scare me at all. The betrayal that my parents caused me traumatized me that even now I am still holding into it. It’s just recently that I got a girlfriend for the first time; she is the only woman that gets my trust and attention. I met this Kent escort of mine way back last year in December. I never thought in that vacation I will find someone who will be with me all the time. Kent escort of https://charlotteaction.org/kent-escorts is the kind of woman that makes my heart beat faster. The kind of woman that is always there all the time for me she is the woman of my dreams, she means the world to me. We all know how Kent escort were very famous in the town of London; a lot of people don’t miss to book them every time they are in the place. It was really not an intention to me to book a Kent escort, honestly I was drunk to that moment that I have called a Kent escort to join me. Her name is Sabrina; she is beautiful and kind to me. The whole night was full of fun and laughter. It’s been years since I laugh so hard. I have no any friends that I can call best of friends. The next morning I wake next to Kent escort. I was surprised since I never thought that something would happen like that. I do not know what to say but Kent escort understand me. According to her I have spoken about my life last night and she was very sorry about it. She gave me advises and wisdom on how can I start my life again. And for the first time its feels so light to know that there is someone like Kent escort that understand my situation. I can’t stop myself thinking of her, that is why I continued booking her I start to trust myself to a Kent escort and I was never wronged with it.