3 Herbs and Spices that Promote Hair Growth

3 Herbs and Spices that Promote Hair Growth
Horsetail is rich in silicone, giving greater strength and hair stamina. In addition, it provides flexibility and prevents damage

Long hair is a trend that never goes out. Many people consider it an element of beauty and elegance.

That is why hair loss is one of the most important issues of our time.

Placing it on dyes, dryers and smoothing products usually worsens the hair follicles that cause it to fall.
Likewise, suffering from thyroid, anemia, poor diet or menopause can make the situation worse.

Performing massage on the scalp to stimulate blood circulation in the area provides more nutrient absorption and prevents capillary fragility.

There are also natural remedies that donate nutrients to the hair roots and, consequently, optimize their growth.
Herbs and spices that promote hair growth

Medicinal herbs and spices are becoming increasingly popular because of their effectiveness and low cost.

Here are some recommendations to help your hair grow healthy and strong.
1. Romero

Without a doubt, rosemary is one of the most recommended plants for hair growth.

For decades it has been effectively used in the prevention of hair loss, providing nutrients and strength on the scalp. Natural beauty. It also prevents the appearance of premature gray hairs.
Rinse your head every day with rosemary water will turn vibrant hair color and add volume to it.

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2. horsetail

This plant is famous for its high silicone content, a mineral that gives strength to hair, nails and bones.

Silicone moisturizes and increases capillary elasticity and resilience. Thus, having more resistance, the hair will break less.
It provides essential nutrients to the roots of the hair so its use to reverse the fall is necessary. It gives strength and prevents fragile strands.

3. Nettle

This herb is full of benefits that encourage hair growth. Not only preventing his fall, he also serves to cure seborrhea and some types of dandruff.

Their high vitamin content (B, C and E) reduces the harmful effects of free radicals.
It also inhibits the production of excess fat and stimulates the circulation of capillary tissue contributing to luster and strength.
Thanks to his cleansing action, he attributes the hair fiber, which, in addition, helps to oxidize the scalp.

Nature gives us endless treatment to increase hair growth. The most popular is topical use, but it is just as important to nourish yourself from within.

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