Apple iPhone 6S Plus 128GB in the dealer overview

iPhone 6S Plus 128GB

How good the Apple iPhone 6S Plus 128GB trims, you see in our overview. First of all, the most important thing: The iOS 9.0 smartphone had already been subjected to our lab test, with a score of 87.6 on the 29th place. We show you the top offers of the Apple iPhone 6S Plus 128GB. In the video we present the mobile phone in detail.

Best price: Apple iPhone 6S Plus 128GB in the price check

Here you will find the deals three of the most popular online retailers. You can compare all prices by clicking on “compare more offers”. Below the price comparison, we also have the most important test data for the Apple iPhone 6S Plus 128GB from the CHIP lab. You will find all the results in our mobile phone list.

Newly mixed! CHIP has overhauled its mobile phone test procedure, completely adapted to today’s wishes of the users. In the future, we will place even more emphasis on the battery endurance of the device in online operation and even more on the performance. Quickload and quicker online connections via LTE-Cat6 or even the support of the new LTE-Cat9 network have gained more weight, for example, in the equipment evaluation.

The best mobile phone for money: The price-performance winner

If the Apple iPhone 6S Plus 128GB is not the right smartphone for you, the following table is always up-to-date with the three price-performance-hitters of our list so you get guaranteed a device that is priced at the price of direct competition. You can get detailed information about the respective mobile phone by clicking on “Test report”.

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