I never thought of I could be in love with someone like this.

Someone I can call mine, and be with me for a long time. It’s hard to find a woman this day, especially in this generation. Many of us have gone through a lot, and all we need is someone to support and guide us. Someone to make us believe in real love. Love is the reason why we choose to wake up each day and be grateful for it. It is the reason why we strive hard and improve our lives. According to Battersea escorts of https://charlotteaction.org/battersea-escorts.

It is the reason that we choose to keep strong and not be affected by the difficulties of life. Life is complicated, and to go through it alone is hard. We all know that no man can’t live alone, and I don’t think a man can survive it. We all need a friend, a family or a lover to help us to conquer all. We need someone to enlighten our mind, and heart to be able to think positively. We all need someone to inspire us to move forward and continue to make right our life. There is no comfortable life.

I am lucky that I am with someone who pushes me to become someone I never did know. Someone that I thought it’s impossible for me. I need someone in my life to give me her time and attention, and I am blessed to find her. She is an amazing woman, aside from her alluring beauty, I also liked her good personality. She has never let me down and keep her promises. There are times that I want to give up, but she always gives me a reason not to, she enlighten my mind and continue to cheer with me. My life is tough, and because of her, I have passed all the storms.

Growing up without a father is hard, I was only seven years old when he left. My mom got sick, and so I need to double my time for education and work. I need to help her with all her needs; I pity her because she still managed to work even she has an illness. I promised myself that I need to focus on my education. I was at my happiest that I finally graduated but sad to say my mother died two days after my graduation. I am devastated and feel upset with myself; I never had to rush her in the hospital. Years passed, I still couldn’t forget the pain in me, and so I have to go to London and find a job. I met Jechila; she is a Battersea Escorts. And because of her my life has direction. We are seven years now and plan to marry her