Baby’s Development Age 4 Months You Should Not Miss

After caring for the baby since he was born, you certainly do not want to miss the development of babies aged 4 months. Having a little baby, let alone the first child would bring a significant change in your life. It feels complaint could not sleep at night, the child always wants to breastfeed and should always be invited to play is not foreign to those who care for infants during the first 4 months. However, the development of infants aged 4 months will bring a change in your life.

Before reading further, you need to remember that every baby is a unique individual. Your baby may not be able to do what you will read in this article, but do not be disappointed and worried because every time the baby has grown on its own. Premature babies may not reach 4 months old infant development in general, it is reasonable considering the premature baby needs more time to adapt.

Baby's Development Age 4 Months You Should Not Miss

So, What Are Baby’s Development Age 4 Months Can You Watch?

There are so many things that will thrive in infants aged 4 months. Some important aspects of growing and need to be always training is the motor aspect (body movement), communication, eating, exploring objects, vision and sleep patterns. Here is a 4 month infant development that you can observe.

Baby Food 4 Months

Development of babies aged 4 months first is the development of the digestive system. Now, the baby has a digestive tract and stomach were bigger than ever before. This means the baby can eat and accommodate more food than the previous age. Now, you do not need too frequent breastfeeding your baby. For babies who are breastfed exclusively, the baby will now be drinking in the frequency of 6-8 times per day (however, do not limit the frequency of feeding your baby, let him suckle own way).

Whether parents can try giving solid foods in infants aged 4 months? Many opinions that try to answer this question. Some experts argue that this is the right time to introduce solid foods, but some are found to continue to provide exclusive breastfeeding. The second opinion is supported because the nutrients of breast milk can meet all the nutritional needs of infants until the age of 6 months.

In addition, there are two reasons that support for delaying the introduction of solid foods to infants before the age of 6 months. It is that delaying solid foods will reduce the risk of developing allergies baby food, reduce the incidence of infection and reduce the risk of intussusception dangerous diseases. Moreover, the recommended exclusive breastfeeding program is to give only breast milk to the baby until he is 6 months old. Thus, delaying solid foods until the baby is 6 months old is the right decision.


Babies will communicate better than previous years. The development of these infants aged 4 months of really cute because babies will often say ‘da-da’ or ‘ma-ma’ repeatedly. As a parent, you should always respond to the child when you say something with the intention to teach the importance of reciprocity in communication. Try also correction of your child say the word implies, for example, ‘ba-ba’ to ‘papa’.

The development of the other babies 4 months of age is easy to laugh when the baby will be invited to play by the parents. For example, to play-a-boo. If the baby is happy to laugh yourself, you need to support the stance by making a voice or a silly face.

Motor development (Body Muscle Movement)

New things that you encounter on the development of infants aged 4 months is it more adept at using his muscles. One simple change is that it would be like holding the object and pulled. He also enjoys grabbing, squeezing and pulling things. So, at this age, gives a baby bed with straps that can be drawn and the sound will be useful to the curiosity of the child.

The development of other baby is 4 months of age he began to raise his head and shoulders in the prone position and can straighten your legs and arms in a lying position. He began adept at maintaining its position, especially a sitting position. At this age, babies can sit up without holding (although aided by your original position) so that his hands can actively play or grab objects at a distance of uptake hand.

exploration Objects

As described in the development of infants aged 4 months in terms of motor skills, babies like grasping objects, interesting objects and put it into his mouth. It’s all part of the infant’s ability to explore the object. At this age, your baby will be ‘obsessed’ with an object and curious to explore, for example kneaded, put into the mouth, stretched and more.

At this age, put the object or objects that he can play. Objects do not need toys, even a clean cloth, blankets, pillows and bolsters already enough to make him happy and he will discover constantly. Give them a toy or object that can cause noises when moved because it would be fun for baby to explore it.


When a newborn baby can already see, but the quality is not as good as the vision of adults. At birth, it is hard to see the object distance and just focus on objects within sight seeing nearby. Do not be surprised if before reaching 4 months, infants prefer to play or view objects in black and white because color vision at that age yet fully formed.

Now, after over 4 months of age the baby’s development, the ability to see the baby going up by leaps and bounds. He began to see objects within sight of a considerable (though he still chose to see objects at close range) and which he called, he began to see colors more clearly. Now, he will be glad objects with varying colors and bright. Give clothes, toys, books or sprai with colors to support their development.

Sleep patterns

4 month old baby development will help your life as a parent because she is able to sleep for 7-8 hours in a row without waking up. This means, when your baby starts sleeping at night, he would wake up in the morning when you wake up anyway. And now you begin to get a normal night’s sleep schedule back.

At this age, you begin to accustom your baby to have a good sleep pattern. Sleep patterns can be trained by providing activities that sequence. For example, is by washing the baby in the afternoon, and then put on pajamas, invited to play with or read to sing, and create the atmosphere of sleep. By doing the above repeatedly, the baby will get used to having a good bedtime.

After finding out more clearly on the development of infants aged 4 months, of course you will provide the best support so the baby can develop properly and optimally . When a child has developmental delays worry, do not hesitate to consult with experts that children get proper treatment.

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