Best Alternative Tourist Places

Have you determined which holiday you are going to visit? If not we will give you some recommendations of a suitable place for a vacation. This is it:

1. Serbia
Despite its rich history and postcard sights, Serbia is one of the most unknown destinations in the Balkans … in addition to being one of the cheapest countries in the region. If you do not go in luxury, you can eat less than 5 euros and the beer does not exceed the euro. But since it’s not all that is on vacation is eating or drinking … take note and enjoy the dynamic, dynamic atmosphere of Belgrade, explore its power, go for trekking and deep breathing. You will love it!

2. Slovakia

Thanks to good connections with low-cost flights, Slovakia has never been so close. Surely you have heard more than once that Bratislava, its capital, has nothing to do. Lie down! The country’s main city is an excellent starting point for a cheap holiday. Of course, do not just stay with the Slovak capital you have to enjoy it with the five senses and for that there is nothing better than visiting the magnificent castle of Spis castle, doing hiking routes in the High Tatras or enological trips.

Apart from salero, grace and some of Spain’s best beaches, Cadiz is a cheap destination. And you do not even have to leave this country to enjoy the crystal clear waters, white sand, dunes, good food, art, history and Cadiz jokes that no one can overcome. Prepare the car, put some bikinis or bathing suits in the suitcase and enjoy a low-cost vacation in the South, where everything feels better. Do you need an idea? Do not miss Cadiz town, take a bath at CaƱos de Meca, find white villages like Vejer or Arcos de la Frontera and, most importantly, relax. Here the time passes more slowly

3. Antalya, Turkey

Beyond the multicultural Istanbul, the southern coast of Turkey hides gems like the Lycian coast and the city of Antalya, an excellent destination for a cheap holiday in 2016. Stroll through the streets of the ancient city, enter the mosque, feel the taste of salt from the air at the harbor … But also come out of your door to see directly the beautiful Dudenbasi waterfalls, to bathe at Olympos and climb the Chimera mountain and, of course to explore the rich history of an area where the Greeks and Romans had passed, and where Alexander the Great himself founded the cities.

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