Should I ditch him?

My partner cheats on me every time he goes away with work. He thinks I don’t know about it, but what he forgets is that women have a strong sense of intuition, especially when your with a sex addict and cheater. I just know that he has been unfaithful to me the moment he comes homes from his business trips. Actually he is silly enough to leave me to open his suitcase. The first thing I can smell is another woman’s perfume.

It makes you wonder, if the men we date at London escorts go through the same experience with their wives. In that case, I feel really guilty. If the rest of the girls at London escorts were in my shoes, I guess that they would be feeling guilty as well..Perhaps I am reading too much into this, but in many ways it feels like revenge. I know that working for London escorts is not the perfect career. But then again, who is perfect. I know that my London escorts friends think that I am silly for putting up with this guy, but I do feel partly responsible. It may just be my mind playing up, but I do feel that it is some sort of punishment for me working at London escorts.I know in m y heart of hearts that I should not put up with his behavior, but like I say to the girls, I can’t help it.

When he is back home, he totally the perfect partner for a girl like me. So far, he is the only men that I have ever dated who has not had an issue with London escorts. You may find this hard to believe, but I can talk to him about my career with London escorts. This is the first time something like that has happened to me. Before I met him, I had never been open and honest with a partner before.But, he is betraying me in other parts of my life? He is a financial adviser and keeps telling me that he would like to invest my money. I am sure that may be okay, but knowing about his cheating has made me trust him less. Yes, I would like to say that here it all is, but I am not sure about that. I have worked hard for what I have got out of cheap escorts in London, and I am not going to give it up that easily.

What if he runs off with my money, and I end up having to start from scratch again.Should I ditch him? Ultimately I do know that is going to come to that. It would be good to do it now as I still have the backup of the other girls from London escorts. I know that I could just go and knock on a door, and have a good cry in someone’s arms. If I broke up with him after I leave the cheap escorts agency in London, I would also lose all my support network. Do I really want that? I don’t think so, I would just end up depressed and on my own. Maybe I should just face facts now and move on. Finding someone else is not going to be easy, but I think that I would rather lick my wounds for a little while.

Escort Blackmailed By Her Housemate

Lucy was one of those girls who was very outgoing and ambitious. Life in the small town of Lavenham was not for her, so she set out to find greener pastures in the big city of London to work as an escort. She had always envisioned having a great life in London and going to live there was like a dream come true. Since she was just starting out on her own she lived with a family friend named Mercy and her husband Sam.

Lucy told them she was a student at a nearby university where she was studying visual arts. Of course, this story was a lie. She used this cover so that she could claim she was spending long nights away studying at the library. This story worked well for a while until Sam became suspicious of her coming and going habits.

One day Sam decided to follow her and found out that she was an escort working for Eve London escorts. He blackmailed her to have sex with him by claiming he would expose her and kick her out of his house if she didn’t do it. All this time Sam had had sexual fantasies about Lucy, and now he would get to fulfill them. Afraid of what would become of her if her parents and relatives knew she was an escort, Lucy agreed to Sam’s demands.

Sam had the wildest sexual imagination, and his encounter with Lucy now seemed like the perfect opportunity to act on some of those wild fantasies. As an experienced Eve London escorts, Lucy knew what precisely makes a man. Sam was eagerly licking, kissing, caressing, and tasting her whole body as if she was emitting an intoxicating, delicious scent. The POWER of chemistry and pheromones took Sam to a place he has never been before. To him Lucy was forbidden fruit that had never tasted so sweet.

He made her suck his cock first, and then he demanded that she allow him to stick his hard cock into her tight asshole for some anal sex. She reluctantly agreed, as she had never even done that with paying clients before, all to avoid him spilling her secret. He bent her over the arm of the sofa with her feet off of the floor. He spit on her asshole and shoved his cock inside her, causing Lucy to shriek out in pain. He mercilessly fucked her virgin asshole as she cried out in both pleasure and pain. He laughed and told her to take his cock like the whore she was. This was an amazing feeling for Sam. Not only was he getting to fuck his amazingly sexy roommate Lucy, but he was getting to have his first experience with anal sex. It was something he had always wanted but his wife refused to do.