Destination For Cheap Holidays In Year 2016

We all want to travel without spending much money. Skyscanner find 16 cheap places to enjoy your holiday will not spoil you.
Are you thinking of summer vacation but your budget is fair? Read on because these 16 cities, countries and territories will love you … and they will adjust to your pocket. Skyscanner makes a search for you and we find a true paradise that is relatively close to home (so you can go by car or with low flight cost). Do you want to know more? Keep reading and discover our 16 cheap destinations for a vacation this year.

1. Bulgaria

If you are planning ahead with more time than likely to find flights from Spain to the Bulgarian capital, Sofia, at a cost of around € 300, it offers your holiday more than just taste. About 3 hours by plane, Bulgaria is a fascinating destination and little known for its cheap price. Discover the beautiful church of Alexander Nevsky, fall in love with the Roman legacy of Plovdiv, explore Veliko Tarnovo and taste the wines. If you enter in the economic plan, there are many hostels, public transport is not expensive and eating and drinking will not cost.
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2. Maestrazgo, Teruel – Castellón, Spain

The Maestrazgo region, riding between Teruel and Castellón, has the same ocher and warm colors as the cities of Tuscany. So, do not think for a moment, get into your car and take time for a cheap vacation to this corner full of Spanish charm. Tempat wisata murah. Do not miss the beautiful Morella medieval village, with gastronomic and tourist offerings that will leave you wanting more. Passing through the beautiful Ares del Maestre, straying among the narrow streets of Cantavieja, the palace of San Mateo and the monumental heritage of Iglesuela del Cid. To be more economical and enjoy the holidays, take advantage of good weather, collect crops and plant your picnic in the most beautiful places.

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3. Croatia

Booming thanks to the shooting saga “Game of Thrones”, Croatia is much more than Dubrovnik. And, against what might seem, goals are cheaper than you think. It may not be cheap for some Southeast Asian countries, but direct flights can cost around € 80 if you order it first. Once there, save the lodge by staying in a hostel and retired, or camping to enjoy your postcard sight with little money. The average price of a simple meal is around € 6 and outside the touristy area the beer should not cost more than 1 €. This was indeed a holiday offer!
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