Disney Dolls

Appearing on the list of most sought after for 2010 is definitely Disney Princess and Me doll from Jakks Pacific. Whenever you need to get a gift for a litttle lady, you can be positive because the Disney Princess motif definitely descends very well. And this holiday season we’ve found a new brand with the theme of a collection of fun dolls.

Examples of Disney Princess and Me Dolls

All of these big dolls were created to resemble Disney’s most famous Princess: Aurora, Ariel, Cinderella, Belle, Tiana and of course the latest princess, Rapunzel. Each is great as a single gift idea, or for a young person who chooses to get the whole collection.

Each doll wears a unique and familiar ball outfit. Each of them has fine long hair, and wears a princess crown on their head. The doll was specially designed with a new design touch, and each princess looked boneka promosi as if she was twelve years old.

What actually includes?

Apart from Disney Princess and Me Dolls, it includes dresses and shoes, you will also get a booklet of details and activities related to the princess. Girls will also get invitations to sign up to become part of the Princess Princess family and family and even get a newspaper on their birthday especially from their own beloved daughter!

The doll itself is aimed at young women aged 5-8 and 18 “high.You will get the official confidence label of the Disney Princess and Me collection at the feet of each doll, as well as on their clothes, in order to confirm the authenticity of the product.

Should You Buy My Disney Princess and Doll for Your Child?

Almost every young girl adores Princess Disney, which means you can not go wrong with any of these dolls. They look beautiful and they are very well presented.

All of these dolls are suitable for young girls aged 5 or over, and are advertised for $ 50 per doll. You definitely have to confirm the number of stores before, because certain dolls will surely be selling Christmas this year – be sure to get your daughter’s young women.

If you are looking for some gift to buy for your youngster, then Jakks has also developed various additions to complement each doll. Young girls want to wear gorgeous dresses that suit their Princess Doll outfits completely, or maybe just decide to buy a handbag to suit each princess. These extras are available separately.

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