FIFA 17: Tips for installation problems and crashes on PS4 and PC


According to reports, the installation process of FIFA 17 has problems with some players, especially on the Playstation 4, while the computer seems to be increasingly crashing. Electronic Arts and the developer of EA Canada, there are currently no official solutions, but there are a few simple approaches to bring the football simulation to work.

When launching FIFA 17 on the Playstation 4, a friendshake is started automatically during the installation, while the files are moved to the hard disk in the background and a 600 MByte patch is loaded. If you break the game, you get to the menu with the note of the installation of further data, where the operation of some players freezes. As a possible remedy, you can start a friendshow in kick-off mode. If this also does not help, disconnecting the WLAN connection with a subsequent restart of the PS4 or a router reset including PS4 restart can lead to success.

On the PC, it is often the case that the game hangs up or does not even start. Here is currently only the installation of the newest graphics card drivers from Nvidia and AMD as a possible solution. It is also self-referencing the comparison with the noticeably increased hardware requirements advisable , whether the own system fulfills this also.

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