Fire In Building Systems

In Jakarta, the Indonesian capital has a lot of tall buildings, malls and apartments. Each of the buildings built definitely has a construction license and safety certification. One of the security certification that is required is on the fire protection system.

A building has a potential fire hazards. Moreover, if the building is made of flammable materials or used to store materials that burn easily, harga alarm kebakaran

Gambar terkait
According to the Regulation of the Minister of Public Works 26 / PRT / M / 2008 on the requirements of fire safety systems in buildings and environment explained that:

Management of the fire prevention system is an effort to prevent fires or spread of the fire area to another room, or the efforts of fires spreading pencegahanya to a building or other structure.

Office buildings, apartments, office buildings and even the mall must have a fire protection system tersediri. The main benefit is the fire extinguishing system for the prevention and protection against fire. Fire protection in buildings can be done in two ways ..

Fire Security Sytem

The first step is to complete the building by the Fire Security System as a complete fire fighting equipment which can work automatically as:

Detector Fire
Smoke Alarm

Or manually such as:

Fire Hydrant
Fire Extinguisher Fire Extinguishers or
Fire Alarm Button
Fire Ax 

 draft Building
The second step can be done through building design systems that fire protection systems are done through building components in terms of architecture and building structures. As:
Logo Emergency Exit
Emergency Exit Logo
Splitting the distance between goods that have a high fire risk.
Replacing Fire profing to the building structure.
Designing Explotion-proof or anti-explosive tool on electrical products in areas at risk of fire.
Make Emergency Exit can be used in an emergency.

The building should be protected through the provision of facilities and infrastructure, fire protection and preparedness and readiness manager, occupant or tenant of the building in anticipation and fire fighting.

Both of these steps should have been planned during the design process or the design of the building at the beginning of development. Aside from fire protection, usually Gedun was improved security with CCTV integration and deposit system to maximize the level of security in the building itself.

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