Flash Units Dedicated To Macro Photography

Flash Units Dedicated To Macro Photography

Several manufacturers, including Canon and Nikon, realize illuminators that contain one or more flash units on the front of the lens. An example is the R1 Wireless Close-Up Speedlight System.

Septate the flash so that it produces the right light for the opening we have in mind (such as f  11). If we use the traditional flash sync speed, or 1  125s, the background of the picture will be very dark. To overcome this problem http://bdmaster.net, the advice is to use the speed corresponding to f  11 flash fires which can be 1 or even 2 seconds with the shutter open for a much longer time of lightning time, we will get a much more visible background.
This technique, however, does have one very important disadvantage if the subject is moving, the image will be recorded ghost in the picture (in addition to the main subject that is frozen by the flash). Do so always be careful when used and make sure that your fungus does not run away when shooting.

It consists of a ring which is screwed in the front of the lens that can hold up to eight small nestable flash heads in any position along the ring and angled in the appropriate direction. This system is particularly flexible when switching from landscape mode to portrait fact the wheel ring so that the flash units are always in the same relative position with respect to the subject. Remote flash heads can also be used to brighten the background or provide a backlight. The system is wireless and the power of each flash head can be controlled independently, allowing different ratios of lighting. Each flash head has a pointing light that allows precise positioning of the flash.

Brackets for ad hoc flash

There will be times when photographing small subjects is impractical, especially when working with small insects in these situations it may be impossible to do without the flash and you may need to ensure that it is positioned in a particular as for example in a position where it is able to provide illumination to rain.

In these cases, the most convenient and simplest solution is to use a bracket as in the above, the bracket (which can also be constructed of material is in the house) allows the positioning of the flash head at will, even if in these cases, you must provide the usual repeater by wire or radio electric.

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