Goodbye Alan Rickman Dead Professor Snape Harry Potter

Goodbye Alan Rickman Dead Professor Snape Harry Potter

Alan Rickman died Jan. 14 at age 69 at his home in London. Rickman, known on the big screen as Professor Snape of the successful Harry Potter series, has lost his fight against cancer. To announce his death the family, in a statement to British media.

The English actor would have been 70 on 21 February and in his career, which began with the theater in the seventies, he has won an Emmy and a Golden Globe for the TV series Rasputin. At the movies he starred in Die Hard, Die Hard and romantic films like Love Actually, but is known for his role in the saga of the boy wizard Snape professed Rowling.

Many interpretations to the movies, from Sense and Sensibility Ang Lee Sweeney Todd in Tim Burton and on TV: with Rasputin – The black demon won Emmy and Golden Globe Star of London’s West End, winning the Tony for Dangerous Liaisons and Private Lives, was also acclaimed director with The Winter Guest, The chaos rules. Republic writes:

“Born in London to a working class family, Rickman child is an avid painter and starts growing career chart but the passion for acting bursts into his life in the early seventies. After graduating from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA), Rickman began working in various theater companies to debut in the cinema in the eighties working in Hollywood blockbusters Die Hard and Die Hard – Die Hard. Begins the series of “villain” with the role of ruthless Sheriff of Nottingham in the film with Kevin Costner Robin Hood for who wins a Bafta, the Oscar English “.

Now then, “that my work is done – he added that DiCaprio plays a real character, Hugh Glass, hunter and explorer in America’s Great border – it’s all in the hands of others. I hope the awards will bring more people to see the film and the studios to take more risks on bold projects like this. ”

Oscar … black people are welcome to present the awards … even entertain. ” And in another: “The black people should refrain from participating in mass Hence the hashtag launched via Twitter in recent days. Will Smith, Jada’s husband, is only one of the actors who were accredited for a nomination and you are seen excluded from the Academy’s choices. Among others there are also disappointed

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