Here are 7 Points of Interest in Bogor Peak That You Should Visit

Wisata Puncak Bogor is one of the favorite tourist destinations of Jakarta residents and the surrounding area to spend their weekend. No doubt, traffic from Jakarta to the Puncak Bogor area is often filled with vehicles numbered police B.

Wisata Puncak Bogor is a famous tourist attraction in Bogor. Tourism area Peak in Bogor is always crowded with the visitors at the weekend.


Wisata Puncak Bogor offers alluring natural attractions, no need to expensive to enjoy a holiday in Puncak. Geographically, Bogor Peak is located in a mountainous area that stretches between Bogor and Cianjur districts.

The cool climate of the mountains with clean air, refreshing green scenery, and beautiful natural panorama make Bogor Peak’s reputation so famous amongst travel lovers. Various public facilities, such as lodging and hotels, cafes, restaurants are available in Puncak area. Not only that, there are so many villas that are rented out to the tourists. Cheap and expensive villa prices you can choose according to budget availability.

Enjoying the natural atmosphere The refreshing peak for a few days will make the body relax again. For Jakarta residents, this is the main attraction to come and stay at Puncak Bogor, especially at the weekend. If you want to go a bit further, you can go to Lembang Bandung to relax.

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If you take a choice of Bogor Peak tourism on holidays with a Bus Pariwisata, be prepared to enjoy the traffic jam along the journey to one of the famous tourist areas in Bogor. If you still have enough time, maybe you can visit some other interesting sights in Bogor. Bogor has a variety of places and tourism activities that you deserve to enjoy.

Bogor tourist area is also a choice of tourist attractions that loved many young people. Natural beauty, calm and cool atmosphere makes many couples spend their vacation time in a romantic place in Bogor. There are many tourist activities that can be done, such as enjoying a culinary place, eating pure milk, walks, and so forth. Not only young people, tourism Puncak Bogor also become a popular family tourist destination in the community.

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Wisata Puncak Bogor
Here are some of the attractions of Puncak Bogor that you should know.

1. Taman Wisata Matahari

Taman Wisata Matahari is located on Jln. Raya Puncak Km. 77 Bogor. In this place, you can rent a villa. There are many facilities for you, including swimming pool, water tourism, river tour, paddle boat, mini boat, bumper boat, car and safari motor, ATV off road, children playground, and so on.

Taman Wisata Matahari
Taman Wisata Matahari
Matahari Tourism Park is busy visited by many tourists because it has a beautiful natural panorama with a thick mountain atmosphere. Not surprisingly, Taman Wisata Matahari also became one of the outbound places in Bogor for many communities.

2. Agro Wisata Gunung Mas

For those of you who want to enjoy the green tea plant in Puncak, this is the place you should visit. The green expanse of the tea gardens with some tea leaves pickers makes the scenery at one of these peak attractions become beautifully seen.

Gunung Agro Tourism Address: Jl. Raya Puncak Km. 27 Cisarua, Bogor

3. Taman Safari Indonesia

This is one of the top tourist attraction of Bogor which is famous for its location on Jl. Raya Taman Safari, Cisarua Puncak. One of the interesting places in Puncak Bogor is a favorite family destination, where many visitors come along with children and family troupe.

Taman Safari Indonesia is a tourist area with a collection of various species of animals. In this place, you will find a variety of entrancing rides, among them, are safari park, bird park, animal education show, the baby zoo, giant mill, riding elephants and horses, caravans & hotels, as well as wild-wild west.

In a baby zoo, you can capture photos together with white tigers, leopards, orangutans, and other interesting wildlife. Alternatively, you can take the Elephant Adventure rides at Taman Safari Indonesia. You will be riding an elephant around the Taman Safari Indonesia for almost an hour. Imagine how exciting it is. Do not worry, the elephant handler will join you while riding the elephant.

In Taman Safari Indonesia also, there is the famous Wild-Wild West. Wild-Wild West is a cowboy show that contains scenes of a chase, shooting, and cowboy fights as you often see on television.

With the effect of a supportive sound system, the cowboy atmosphere with horse races, the sound of the gun and the explosion of dynamite feels so thick on this Wild-Wild West rides.

To get into Taman Safari Indonesia, you have to pay Taman Safari Indonesia entrance fee of Rp 150 thousand per person for adults, for children Rp 140 thousand. If you bring a vehicle, parking fees for four-wheeled vehicles are Rp 15 thousand, two-wheeled vehicles of Rp 5 thousand, and six-wheeled vehicles of Rp 20 thousand.
4. Curug Cilember

Curug Cilember location is located in Jogjogan Village, Cisarua Puncak District. If you are from Jakarta driving a car, it will take about 1.5 hours to get to one of the famous waterfalls in Bogor.

Curug Cilember has beautiful natural scenery, the air is so cool, and there are 12 species of butterflies that live in this place. Cilember waterfalls has a uniqueness because there are seven waterfall (waterfall) lined up that make up the natural scenery is really tempting. Curug Cilember is located in protected forest area Bogor – Puncak – Cianjur (Bopunjur) with an altitude of about 800 meters above sea level.

In Curug Cilember, there is also a butterfly breeding laboratory. You can go to this lab to get information about butterflies. In addition, lodging is also available in this place. With lush pine forests, the Curug Cilember area is often the preferred place for hiking and tracking activities.
5. Lake Color

Telaga Warna is a tourist attraction Peak with a small lake. Telaga Warna is located in District Cisarua, located not far from Puncak Pass. In this lake, the water can change color according to the condition of nature at that time. According to local people’s stories, anyone who washes face to face with water will always look young.
I do not know, his name is also folklore. However, you should visit this lake if you are curious. Not bad to add insight you will tour Bogor.

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