How To Easy Caring Fashion Made Satin

How the easy way or tips to care for satin clothes to be durable and durable? Satin is a fabric material that is widely used to make various types of clothes, tie and bow tie like toko dasi. Muslim clothing many make use of this cloth, especially for the type of satin tie. Smooth material makes it comfortable when worn, also not too expensive.

The material or satin fabric is quite easily recognizable, especially from the glossy and slightly slick fabric surface. This characteristic also causes the satin cloth is used for use or made formal dress or for the party because it gives the impression of a luxurious and exclusive. While the inside of the satin is not shiny but it is smooth and feels cool so comfortable when worn.

Satin fabrics are often equated or synchronized with a silk cloth considering the fabric of the fabric is indeed similar. Though silk fabric made from natural fibers that are very expensive, while the satin fabric made from artificial fibers, such as polyester. Perhaps because it is also not a few people who consider satin is a synthetic version of silk.

This satin-like satin fabric is what drives satin fabric widely used as an expensive silk substitute. In addition satin cloth is also widely used for the manufacture of wedding dress, lingerie, and to dress party with bow tie, shirts, up to the jacket so as to give the impression of elegance and more elegant to the wearer.

Seteah know the nature and character of satin fabric, then we can do the maintenance for our clothing made of this cloth a lebh await and durable. Among them avoid the use of washing machines to wash clothes made of satin fabric. The washing machine will actually make the satin fabric easily damaged. In addition to the fiber will easily decompose, the color will also easily fade quickly.

To wash the satin clothes that have been used, just remove it manually. While laundry soap also do not use regular laundry soap but use a special type of soft cloth. But before washing, low satin dress in water about 10 minutes. Clean slowly and avoid blackmailing. While drying should also avoid exposure to direct sunlight. That’s a little tips on caring for satin clothes that may be useful for you.

How to wash and iron
– Hand washable and machine wear cold water. Wash machine specifically for satin made of nylon and polyester.
– Separate colored satin with other fabrics.
– Use a mild detergent, add fabric softener and avoid bleach.
– Do not dry with a drying machine, preferably manually dried (air-dried) and avoid direct sunlight. Also avoid squeezing satin.
– Iron by flipping the dress with medium temperature. Set the iron tool on satin or silk options. Use a soft soft cloth over the satin to avoid wrinkles from an iron device.

How to clean stains
– Immediately remove colored stains from fruits, butter, sugar with warm water.
– Eliminate lipstick stains by sponging alcohol with a sponge.
– Eliminate coffee, egg, brown and oil stains by rinsing with cold water and soft detergent. Use a sponge to remove stubborn stains.

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