How To Make Slime Shine In The Dark

How to make slime shine in the dark

1. Introduction

By mixing the luminescent paint into slime, you can make the slime shine in the dark. By adding a luminous element to the feeling created as a sticky feeling of slime, it is interesting to have a strange object.

2. How to make the slime luminous

Below, I will explain how to make a luminous slime. It’s almost the same as how to make regular slime, so you can easily make it.

* Keep in mind that borax is toxic.

【What to prepare】

. Borax: about 5 g
· Vinegar (PVA): 100 cc
· Water: 100 + 50 cc
· Bowl or cup
· Stir bar
· Luminescence (luminescence) paint: the right amount

【Procedures for making luminescent slime】
1. Prepare 100 cc of clean flour.
2. Put a few drops of luminescent paint (luminescent) in 100 cc of water to make the water color.
3. Dissolve about 5 g of borax in 50 cc of water to make an aqueous borax solution.
4. Enter the colored water (100 cc) and wash the starch (100 cc) into the bowl and stir.
5. Place the borax solution in a bowl and mixture.
6. When all the mixture is evenly distributed, the slime is finished. How to make slime. It is possible to make a shining slime by simply mixing the fluorescent paint and instead of coloring how to make regular slime.

3. Points to make the slime shine

. Mix well like a melted borax.
· Do not put as much liquid borax as possible.
· After adding a water paste and a color washer, insert the aqueous borax solution.
· Enter a number of luminous paint that makes sense.

4. Points to consider when making luminous slime

· Because borax is toxic, do not enter the mouth.
· If there is a scratch, do not touch borax with bare hands.
· Wash hands after handling borax.

5. Conclusions

This time is a comment on how to make the slime glow, but how? I think it’s easy to make it by using glowing paint. You can make a funny thing just by adding one potion, so please try mixing the slime and make the funny slime.

Should add iron sand and slime, which can be played with pleasure because it can move with magnets. We’ll show you how to make this magnetic slime on another page, so please check it too.

So easy is not it? It would be nice to play it in the dark, because there will be something light up from your own slime. Children will also be happy to try to make it yourself.

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