intro Computers within Libraries Sector  

Computers needed to get in addition to process info straight into specifics quickly and accurately. your current computer device is usually used to shop info library book collection details members, in addition to OPAC (Online established Catalogue Accses). inside OPAC, customers may get information on library collection connected with books they need while not having to search directly. Computers can also be connected towards the internet. next following that has a digital collection, subsequently my spouse jual running text and i in addition need an computer The item offers high performance being a means to shop in addition to serve the users in accessing your collection. a great computer using a Pentium 4 processor which has a tricky disk associated with 40 gigabytes, 256 Mega bytes associated with memory will be the minimum computer specifications.

Other introduction of an application form associated with facts technology pertaining to library users In line with Henderson (1992) are:

1. Providing easy as well as trouble-free entry to information;

2. provide remote gain access to jauhbagi users;

3. Providing gain access to 24 hours (when operated The item solutions or perhaps companies already in the application form of your world wide web browser) to the user:

4. required unlimited access for you to information by some other versions of sources;

5. required added recent information;

6. provide particulars which you can use flexibly on the individual As outlined by his needs;

7. improve flexibility, and

8. Facilitate your current reset particulars and also the combination involving data from different sources.

Furthermore Cochrane (1992), to help mention a number of connected with What\’s so great about information technology due to the library As follows:

1. Facilitate itegrasi a variety of library activities;

2. Facilitate cooperation along with the establishment associated with library networks;

3. Helps in order to avoid duplication connected with activities with the library;

4. Eliminate run This can be repeated (Repetitive) as well as so not interesting and also membosangkan

5. support library expand library services.

6. Potential chances in order to market the solutions of a library

7. The item may save money and also possibly be menghasilakan money, and

8. Improving your efficiency.

On the other hand your current facts technology has a good disadvantage / weakness or even obstacles inside it\’s application throughout Indonesia, with regard to example Concerning the cost, availability of infrastructure, like telecommunications networks, the attitude of an leadership which tend to be less aware of any existence of an computer pertaining to perputakaan and also the attitude among librarians technology stuttering [GATEK].

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