Killer Pool, Realistic Pool Game for iPhone / iPod Touch

Killer Pool

Killer Pool is a great pool game available for iPhone and iPod Touch that stands out for its realism. The physics of the balls is really achieved, giving real sense of playing real pool. A part we have great control in all aspects at the time of hitting the ball being able to control the direction, force and the point where we will hit what allows to print effect.

The camera is 100% controlled. We can zoom to the table, turn and change the incline from which we see it in a really simple and comfortable.

It has five game modes: 9 Ball, 8 Ball, Black Ball, Killer and OctoKiller. And different levels of difficulty when choosing our opponent, eye with Killer that is an authentic crack. In addition to being able to play in multiplayer mode, up to ten people.

I know very few people who do not like to play billiards and most of what they say is no more because of their lack of skill than for another reason. So to enjoy that no one’s integrity is in danger when you go to hit the ball. Visit to for more detail about this tips and trick.

The only downside that you could look for is the price 2.39 euros. Anyway I think it is justified because it is perfect to kill the dead times.

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