Leaves Betel For Health Benefits


Interest betel leaf has been described in ancient books of Ayurveda. Benefits of betel leaf that has been known throughout the centuries, the most prominent is healing abilities given betel leaf. History written in Chinese literature noted that the Chinese use betel leaves to cope with various kinds of disorders, disorders, and diseases. Three of the benefits of betel leaf foremost according to Chinese medicine is the ability detoxification, antioxidants, and also property antimutasi which in other words can be regarded as a cancer preventive.

There are several studies and experiments involving betel leaf. The study found that extracts of leaves, pieces, and the purest compound contained in the betel leaves have an important role to improve hygiene mouth organ and also has many properties that prevent, normalizing, or eliminate symptoms of systemic disease. Betel leaf has the ability to normalize blood sugar levels, the benefits are also felt in the cardiovascular system or the heart and its blood vessels of the body, is also anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory. Betel leaves also protect the liver from damage that may occur and also increases the cellular immune system to prevent infection. Anti-cancer properties could be attributed to the anti-infective properties, anti-mutation, and also anti-inflammatory.

In fact, there are several archaeological discoveries regarding the use of betel leaf chewed with areca nut since the time before history. Not yet known whether the second material is a material that mengkatalisatori chemical reaction that improves the health of each other and no one has managed to draw conclusions from it.

In Indonesia alone, betel leaves have been known for a long time. Obviously because Indonesia is one area where India’s first ever growing Hinduism and acculturation has made the cultural activities of chewing betel as Indonesia itself. Indonesian people tend to use betel leaves as an antiseptic and breath fresheners. Both actually been proved and it is antiseptic and penypenyegaran breath is one of the well-known benefits of betel leaves. Indonesia also has a culture of people drinking betel leaf decoction to eliminate body odor in the long term. This indicates that the betel leaves have a good detoxification properties. Many people also use crushed betel leaf topically to prevent infection from microorganisms that may breed in open wounds.

And the habit of chewing betel leaves are often thought to be one cause of oral cancer. Even so, after the research object is the public health conditions in the past, there is no evidence was found regarding oral cancers that occurred in the past.

Experiments involving betel leaf rarely find harmful effects of consuming various forms and processed betel leaf without additional other materials. The discovery of oral cancer in mice caused by betel leaves consumed is used together with areca nut. The use of two materials is intended to improve sexual performance. Betel leaves are used as a stimulant, cleaners and mouthwash, and areca nut use libido enhancer. Further research, when there are tumors in mice that are exposed to pure betel leaf without other ingredients, it was found that betel leaves inhibits the growth or proliferation of the tumor cells. Indeed, there is no evidence to suggest that betel leaves can kill or remove the tumor, but the tumor growth stalled. If the tumor that occurs as a result of infection by viruses, bacteria, or fungi, the possibility of betel leaf can overcome these microorganisms, and your natural immune system will cope with residual tumor that has not been eliminated by the betel leaf.

Benefits of betel leaves when used to treat cancer or tumors that are more active and virulent was very positive. If an individual who does not have a cell that is capable of cancer -perkembangan berkarsinogenesis -then when individuals are exposed to the causes of carcinogenesis, cancer cell proliferation effect nullified. Meanwhile, if an individual already suffering from cancer, the betel leaf could not cope with proliferation.

Unfortunately, to date no experiments involving humans directly as the subject of the study so that the benefits of betel leaf that actually occur in humans can not be standardized and used as a basis to create a betel leaf as an effective treatment method. But given our ancestors least affected by cancer, it could be really betel leaf is used as an anticancer effective in the human body. You can still use the various forms of betel leaves and betel leaf pure preparations to cope with various diseases because basically betel leaves cause fewer side effects or no side effects at all.

Betel leaves maintain freshness and oral hygiene to maintain the balance of ascorbic acid levels in the human oral cavity. Ascorbic acid contained in saliva or saliva has an effect to neutralize and prevent carcinogenesis in the mouth. Saliver ascorbic acid does not work with the maximum if you are a smoker. That’s what causes oral cancer may occur in smokers.

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