Many Ideas For Furnishing A Low Attic, Solutions To Exploit The Spaces

Many Ideas For Furnishing A Low Attic, Solutions To Exploit The Spaces

Furnish a low attic may seem difficult, given the required space, but, in reality, there are many functional and modern solutions that can make one this already distinctive setting discover the most useful from which to take inspiration.

Furnish an attic is a challenge that many architects and designers try to win. The details and mostly small in this type of environment requiring almost individually decorated spaces that are functional but also beautiful and cozy A mansard roof from below has not only the problem of space on the plane, but also the inability to take advantage of the higher parts. The space-saving design solutions become even more basic in an attic, each corner must be exploited.

If the attic has a loft, you can use it in two ways for the living room or the bedroom. If you opt for the first, to furnish it with a sofa bed is the best choice, should you have guests who stay to sleep. The TV should be placed on a high cabinet a few centimeters and, if you want to add more seats, better to rely on ottoman or chairs without legs. If the loft you will, however, create your own sleeping area, in this case the structure of the bed is superfluous better a very comfortable mattress and a small bedside table, always overlooked piece of furniture too. Do not overdo it, however, with weights on the mezzanine.

The kitchen, also in a low attic, must present all the aspects necessary to the house appliances and cabinets to store dishes and foods. The new modern kitchens are created with the intent to be compact, lightweight, minimal, so take little space and contain everything that may serve. Even the bathroom in a low attic inevitably suffers the restrictions of the environment, but that does not mean that it should not be functional or aesthetically pleasing. The health and the design components, designed for just wide spaces, are the most appropriate solutions; the bath is preferable to the shower, if you want to furnish a low attic, because it does not need height space, but only in length.

An example is the wooden platform that separates the kitchen on one side and on the other the dining room. And it is precisely on the wooden platform which develops the dining area. The architects could leave everything on the same level, but in doing so have created an attractive and functional detail that distinguishes the whole environment .. do not you think

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