Milan Fashion Week 2015 The Catwalk Models Also In A Wheelchair

Milan Fashion Week 2015 The Catwalk Models Also In A Wheelchair

Milan Fashion Week 2015 the catwalk models also in wheelchairs. For February parades will present a collection of many hands, created by the biggest names in fashion together with the new emerging talents. Each with two heads, one for modelĀ  in standing and one for modelĀ  a wheelchair.

The collection will then be distributed internationally with a new brand marketizzato through the most recognized commercial penetration channels on US markets, ASIA, and EUROPE.

A project that makes the careful fashion to the needs of disabled people by combining the research of materials, fabrics and cuts with features for people in wheelchairs, said the Head of Cristina Tajani Fashion.

Thanks to the new concept espoused by FTL MODA LOVING YOU, co-produced by Ilaria Niccolini Production with Vertical Foundation, the Italian excellence and the international fashion industry will therefore be ready to meet the needs of people in wheelchairs. A noble project, which honors to this sector of the economy.

Diane tells it like an open book. And a book about his life, on the other hand, has written and published

The Woman I Wanted to Be , published by Simon & Schuster, and Journey of a Dress , the volume of photographs published by Rizzoli, which traces forty years of brilliantly simple gown story that made its fortune a printed jersey dress, easy to wear, sexy but not too flashy a man could submit without embarrassment to his mother his girlfriend wearing one of these my clothes. Who were not even too expensive, which allowed me to quickly sell millions. For me the wrap has been the source of freedom and independence is what has allowed me to pay for everything, from travel to homes, school children, without having to depend on anyone. Only recently, tracing its history, I realized that the dress has even had a sociological impact on American women ‘

And yet, Diane talks about his book

The book about my story is born mainly by the desire to tell my mother, Lily Nahmias, and the importance it has had for me a very strong woman, survived imprisonment in Auschwitz and in a circumstance, will seem incredible, it was rescued from gas chamber by a speech by Josef Mengele, the Nazi doctor nicknamed the angel of death for his fierce experiments on Jews deported

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