Often Out of Town Use Private Cars? Here’s How to Protect Yourself

Traveling out of town using a private car? Why not? Precisely more exciting, relaxed, and frugal. If calculated, the capital is only BBM and toll fees. Much the same difference in the price of a plane or train.

Especially frequent travelers to Central Java, now ride the car so much faster because there is already Toll Cipali. Jakarta journey to East Brebes along 270 km can be reached in just 4 hours.

However, many things should be a consideration for someone who wants to travel out of town with a Rental Mobil Jakarta Murah. Almost everything is related to security issues.


Because we do not know the risks that arise and overwrite us on the way, here is how to protect yourself effectively for you who often out of town use private cars.

1. Make sure your car has a good specification

You need a car that has a specification qualified if you want to wear out of town. At least, have a high ground clearance to be able to pass through the potholes and floods.

Out of town wear car
Try if out of town do not use a sedan or other city car type. If suddenly you have to go through the potholes, Asian car (ground clearance / Sarwar)
Out of town with eco-friendly small cars (LCGC) could be just fine. But the car it’s kind of city car is a short wheelbase. Ground clearance is also low.

Indeed the consumption of gasoline more efficient, but the short wheelbase can cause excessive shake while driving on the contour of a bumpy road. Not to mention the sides of the legs clearly not as strong as MPV or SUV cars.

2. You must be protected by a trusted insurance

Do not underestimate accident insurance, you will never know what risks are likely to arise and hit you. Choose the trusted insurance to protect you on the go.

There you know, personal accident insurance is ready to give the sum assured of Rp 25 million. Entry requirements are also easy. You just have to be between 18 and 64 years old. The coverage period lasts for 3 months.

3. Do not drink alcohol while driving

Out of town wear car
Same thing with the search to die when driving in a drunken state (due to driving while drunk / The News Wheel)
Consumption of alcohol before or while driving is very dangerous and can cause disaster. You must know, if you have an accident in such conditions, you will not be able to cover the money even if you take accident insurance.

The same is true for narcotics and other substances, or non-prescription drugs. Stay away from this one. Better to think about the future and the nose.

4. Be in good shape

Being not feeling well, lack of sleep or heavy flu, better do not go out of town in private car. Health is very important for those who often drive out of town.

Out of town wear car
Do not drive when your body condition is not fit or when you are in an emotional state. You need a high concentration when driving especially if you drive out of town (stress in car/car smoke)
At least you’ve been resting with enough for 8 hours. And if the trip suddenly sleepy, do not be forced. Find the rest area and rest.

5. Try to know basic martial techniques


Learning self-defense has many benefits. In addition to training discipline, introspective, and protect themselves, martial arts are also good for health.

Protecting yourself is definitely a must for anyone who travels a lot. Bring sharp weapons is clearly against the law, you can be jailed for 10 years.

Therefore, there is no harm in mastering martial arts. You can try Jiujitsu, Aikido, Krav Maga, or other martial arts.

So, how? Ready to go out of town? Do not forget these 5 points before you travel yes.

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