Outbound Malang Coban Rondo

Outbound Malang Coban Rondo

Some tourists and nature lovers called Coban Rondo waterfall would have been known. Sights are to be found in the village of Sebaluh Weiler Property Sari village, Pujon district, Regnschaft Malang. Very popular in foreign tourist area of ​​Outbound Malang.

Coban Rondo waterfall is a tourist attraction with a height of 84 m with a flow rate of 150 liters per second in the rainy season and 90 liters per second during the dry season. With the exception of the waterfall, there is a camp ground of the ride instead of a labyrinth of playing, an outbound malang activities, an arena arena, a deer, a bicycle rental, and a playground.

Coban Rondo is also a place for outbound malang activities. Various types of outbound activities can be performed here. The general location as a favorite, as the playroom.

Fun games like Flying Fox, spinning websites, two bridge lines are exciting activities that you can enjoy at the exit. Once off, enjoy the many attractions there and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Coban Rondo.

Outbound Malang Hotels

Outbound Malang is a popular tourist destination because there are many interesting sights. Various attractions range from natural attractions, artificial, water tours, travel history and various tours. With the exception of tourism, many pensions or hotels.

Outbound Malang did not escape a comfortable place. With the exception of important natural sites, outbound traffic is at home or in the hotel. Out walking is usually done in a conference room or hotel ballroom.

outbound malang

The Outbound Malang interior as in this hotel usually uses this material or self-designing games and additional functions.

Some hotels have an executive class standard there. 5 star hotels that are very popular in their Malang Tugu Malang Hotel The Singhasari Resort Jambuluwuk Resort Harris Convention Center, Malang Atria Hotel and Ibis Styles Malang. Apart from a 5 star hotel, many 2 to 4 star hotels, one of them is the Hotel Santika, Grand Palace Hotel. Regent Park Hotel Sahid Montana Hotel Everyday Smart Hotel, and there are many more.

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