Rent Bus Tourism With Good Facilities And Relatively Cheap Prices

Cheap Vacation Bus Rental either mini bus, medium bus or big bus with luxury facilities such as FULL AC. WIFI. LCD TV. DVD.

Mic for Karaoke with the latest Sound System facility and the most comfortable Reclining Seats.For the bus rental package with the purpose
Wherever Immediately Contact Us To Get Offers Very affordable prices. Bus Pariwisata Tourism parent
Is one of the branch companies incorporated in the transportation of tourism Indonesia.
We have experience in fleet procurement for both business interests of the company,
Commerce as well as for the benefit of tours and travels. With the support of professional management, reliable mechanics
And friendly service, our company remains the frontrunner in the bus rental service in Bandung and districts
Cheapest Rental Bus Service in Bandung. Rent Cheap ELF Bandung both long or short.
In addition to a decent fleet, we also provide experienced drivers in the field that will take you where
Just go you comfortable and safe. The rental price of our fleet is quite competitive and very cheap. In addition to daily rent,
We also provide rental service for weekly package, balance or Tahun.Selain our complete vehicle
The latest, Packages tours and travel that we provide is very interesting,
Challenge and make you addicted. The price of a very cheap and affordable vacation package that will take you
To places that make you loose and fresh, because in addition to visiting places of tourism,
We also provide games and outbound packages that you can not forget for life. Very challenging and very entertaining
We provide buses ranging from capacity, 15 seats, 27 seats, 32 seats, 40 seats 48 seats,
51 seated seats and 59 seated seats.Capacities can be changed in accordance with a demand to be more comfortable.
We provide drivers – drivers who are knowledgeable about tourism,
Friendly, responsible and always ready to provide the best for you and have the reliability in driving the bus.
Hopefully, this Transportation Service can help Tourists from In town or from out of town who want to use rental service
Okkarent Transportation with Cheap Price and Luxury Facilities. Thanks for your visit and Happy using our fleet who always compete in the affairs of the rental, whether the price or variant of the car including the mini bus or tourist buses are common in for several choices according to your needs.the tourist bus rental in our company did different from tourist bus with a capacity of 18 seats up With a capacity of 59 seats.For special customers of travel in the use of tourist buses with a capacity of 18 seats, we will give a special discount if using more than 3 hair.color below is not yet we explain the detail for the price of our bus rental.semester this for rental customers Tour bus can directly call to our support marketing , we will give you the price of the tour bus rental according to your destination and how long your usage duration.we have a price list with some destination package according to destination route and duration of bus rental usage Our tourism.

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