Russian dolls

The Russian doll is a symbol of Russian history and culture; Nesting dolls are a symbol of fame and popularity of Russian culture around the world. The rich Russian culture has introduced many unique stories, ideas, cultural ethics, food and delicacies, art, music, literature & crafts to the world. Among other things, Russian nesting dolls also contribute to Russian culture.

That is why this craft gets so much international recognition. Referred to by various different names, Russian nesting dolls are also called matryoshka stack dolls, babushka or babushka dolls, matrioshka, babooshka, matroshka, matreshka, stacked dolls (for popular use).

The art of creating this famous Russian nesting doll was developed from the craft of Russian craftsmen who had mastered the production of Easter eggs piled on each other. These Russian dolls are made of wood consisting mostly of limestone wood. In addition to lime, birch, alder and aspen souvenir boneka are also used. The bark of the tree is cut so that it leaves some wooden rings behind so that the parent tree does not break. Logs are usually cut at the beginning of spring, usually when the secretion of the sap is maximal. The logs are then stored for two years so leave enough space down for aeration.

The stage in which the doll should be carved can only be detected by the true professional crafters who have gained tremendous expertise in making Russian dolls. Once the log is ready, it is cut into sections and placed on the lathe. To create a doll while in a spinning motion requires high skill and attention to detail. No measurements are used when creating a stacking doll.

The artisans’ intuition is the scale of measurement that gives us the perfect end product that is now a symbol of Russian culture. The tool used to carve the top and bottom of a nesting doll structure is quite simple and consists of a knife and a chisel. The last and smallest portions that can not be removed are made first followed by the order of making the bottom and top of the nesting dolls in a row.

The stacked dolls are then sent for hand painting work and most hand paintings have the same image on all dolls so the accuracy is practiced as well where the painter carefully marks the outline and delineates some perfect and accurate images in all successive sequences . fellow doll collectors.

Images to be painted can also vary in terms of depicting the famous Russian story, or pictures of famous figures from Russian politics, history, or entertainment. These dolls make amazing gifts for people of all cultures because they look elegant and distinguish themselves from other types of dolls on the market.

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