Save Money by Completing Your Own Home Floor

Now that you have built your exterior house using DIY home building methods and have a plywood floor, blank canvas, you can finish the surface with expensive cost by doing it yourself, now this method is very easy and best of all easy on your wallet.

1. Filling Layers and Blemish – You have plywood floor now. And when you look at plywood harga blockboard you may notice some stains from the wood grain inside and layers of fitting together the plywood sheets. First start from the back of the room, start filling this area by using wood cocking. And if you have used the cocking before, you know it comes out in a circular shape like toothpaste so you have to smooth it a bit.

Make sure you use a very thin cocktail layer and use a thick cardboard edge or a piece of flat wood to smooth the roasting as close to the surface as possible. But do not let the thin layer try to blend into the floor and fill the cracks. Work from one end of the room to the entrance of the room. If you start working in the middle or near the door, then you will have to walk across your hard work!

2. Sanding – Let it dry overnight. The next day, take your sander and a sheet of the ruddy sand paper and sand all your genitals to produce a great finish. And do not forget to sweep and mop up the whole floor after sanding ensures cleaning every dirt, dust from dirt and debris.

3. Cat or Linoleum –

Painted Floor – For a very easy cheap project in the DIY home building theme, you can use floor paint just above the plywood of the newly built floor. Be sure to choose high gloss floor paint. You really want a high gloss that creates a smooth smooth surface to sweep and mop up the dirt. And painted floors are great for maintenance much easier than Lanolin, floating carpets or floors or wood panels that make floor care easy. If your painting floor is inflicted with scratches or unsightly straws, all you have to do is fill the damaged spot with filler, sand and paint on top, nice and easy.

Floor painting like this will definitely save you time from tearing the floor later. All you have to do is fix, repaint and you’re done. If you are worried about painted plywood floors will look like plywood sheets, you can add faint lines in certain intervals with circular saws lining the thin lines on the floorboard floor so that the floor looks like wood paneling. Now you can paint the floor starting farthest from the doorway so you can leave the room and not trap yourself. And now let the floor dry and add a second coat.

Linoleum – Now if you want to use linoleum instead of painted floors, skip numbers 1 and 2 and buy luan and paste them onto the surface of the plywood. Luan is a thin sheet of wood and is used as a bottom layer for vinyl flooring. And then the linoleum glue is just above the luan. Now all you need is some floor carpet, DIY house building is the best. Good and easy!

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