Shadow Warrior 2: Early release announcement for PS4 and Xbox One

Shadow Warrior 2

In October 2016, the Shadow Warrior 2 first-person shooter in the Far East appeared for the PC. Since then, players on PS4 and Xbox One are also waiting for a version for their consoles. Now, the official channel of ShadowWarrior 2 tweaked and betrayed that the title was certified for PS4 and Xbox One. This usually means that an early release is to be expected. Usually video games pass a certification before they reach gold status and go to the press shop to be duplicated.

A concrete release date for the console offshoots, however, does not exist yet. It would not be long before something concrete was announced. In said posting it is said that a date for publication follows soon. As reported, developer Flying Wild Hog has been working hard since the PC release to optimize ShadowWarrior 2 for the PS4 and Xbox One.
A simultaneous release on all systems was simply not possible because Flying Wild Hog is an independent, Polish game developer who is in private hands. Compared to global publishers such as Electronic Arts, many indie studios have a limited budget. First, you wanted to focus on the PC version. Instead of delivering a simple port, one only sat down after the finished work on the desk and focused on the implementation for consoles.

Shadow Warrior 2 plays five years after the events of Shadow Warrior, and again takes the role of the modern Ninja warrior Lo Wang. This must fight against armies of demons who come from a different dimension and are controlled by Zilla’s henchman. As with its predecessor, Shadow Warrior 2 is bloody and brutal. More interesting news, useful infos, screenshots and videos about Shadow Warrior 2 can be found as usual on our extensive theme page.

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