Some Benefits and Disadvantages of Recycled Plastic Highway

The benefits of recycled plastics have been greatly boosted by the media and product producers themselves. Of course there are some advantages, but there are some shortcomings that you should consider by project managers before making a leap from plywood harga blockboard to a replacement recycle.

The main consideration with any project will always be expensive now the benefits of using plywood will be cheaper since the beginning because the cost of laying plywood compared to plastics will be cheaper at the cost in the future will be reduced in the early development. However, recycled plastic boards tend to survive better and need to be replaced every 40 years compared to plywood estimated at about 15 years.

Because of this during the lifetime of the project, the cost of recycled plastics will be much less. WRAP a British government agency estimates the cost of 100 m of footpath over the ages to £ 986 for wood and 425 lbs for plastics. (Buying recycling at Estates Management 2004.)

There is a shortage of using plastic on the walkways.

The solid profile is very heavy and can be difficult to work with ease and without risk of injury. There are still a limited number of suppliers so you may not get the best price or have to wait a long time to produce. Local plywood sources are much easier to find. Plastics can work with normal tools but will increase wear and tear of drill and saw blades.

But there are performance benefits.

The recycling layer is very forgiving and will adapt to the soil and allow for variation. It is very difficult and will not chip, crack or snap even under extreme pressure. Though it can melt under extreme heat, it is almost impossible to fire. It does not require weather treatment so it is virtually maintenance free. It is resistant to water and does not remain moist after wiping so say goodbye to a slippery surface.

It will not leak chemicals or weaken over time most of the recycled plastics have UV stabilizers so it should not change color as well. In conclusion, there is no right or wrong choice of both wood and plastic has advantages. Wood is a short-term solution with a lower initial cost where plastic is seen in the long run.

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