some of the latest innovations in technology

In the year 2016, technological innovation in the developed world continues to emerge. Here are some of the latest innovations in technology that you must know.

Fathom One The Affordable

This one technology is an innovation Inovasi Teknologi dan Seni Menuju Riau Berbudaya of the drones. We may have seen drones that can fly often, but after seeing this you will think the drone flying is common. This one drone can dive in water, and is the first underwater drone in the world. Fathom one has a high resolution camera, and has a 3 Watt lamp. So you can see the beauty of the underwater even in low light conditions. This drone can operate for one hour and can dive as far as 30 meters. You only need a smartphone to operate this tool by connecting via wifi. In accordance with sophistication, this drone in brandol at a price of up to 7.8 million rupiah.

Inovasi Teknologi

Mighty Mug

A start-up from New York has managed to create an anti-spill mug. This mug is one of the smart and very cool drinking places. Mighty mug is guaranteed 100 percent will not fall and spill because this mug will continue to stick to where you put it. So no matter how hard you try to drop it, this mug will remain firmly standing. But do not worry if you can not lift it, this mug can be easily lifted but in a special way.

Self Driving Taxi

Surely you often see cars without a driver in the movies. It is already happening in Singapore. Officially on August 25, 2016 and then, 6 taxi without a driver can be enjoyed in Singapore. Passengers can order this taxi with their smartphone with a taxi rate that is not so expensive only about 30-40 thousand dollars for a distance of 1.6 km. This taxi is equipped with a laser sensor that can detect the surrounding environment while avoiding any obstacles in the road that can cause accidents.

Parrot Wing Disco Drone

As with Fathom One, this tool also innovates drone technology. How to fly it is very unique unlike the usual drones we see. You just have to throw the drone into the air like a paper plane. Weighing about 0.7 kilograms making this drone can travel a maximum speed of 50 kilometers per hour. This drone is also equipped with a cockpid glass that allows you to enjoy the view directly from the cockpid recorded from the camera drones. With a sophisticated battery, this drone can fly up to 45 minutes nonstop.

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