The worst-case smartphones in Android history


That Android is such an open operating system has many advantages. Mainly, companies have the option of selling terminals of all different price ranges, which allows us, the users, to choose from a wide range of completely different possibilities.

Of course, this flexibility offered by our operating system is not always used to improve what exists. In fact, on more than one occasion, manufacturers have decided to throw the house out the window and, in their quest to revolutionize the sector, to launch to the market rather strange smartphones.

So, today we wanted to remember the times in which minimalist and elegant design was not the top priority of manufacturers. Next, we leave you with what are, for us, the 5 smartphones with the worst design in Android history.

Samsung Galaxy Beam

The intention was good; The execution, not so much. Docking a 15-lumens projector to the back of a high-end smartphone seemed to be the dream of everyone who loves multimedia content from the mobile, but ultimately, Samsung Galaxy Beam ended up in the trunk of the failures of the Korean

Leaving aside the more technical specifications and features of the smartphone, we find a black thing with garish yellow details – seriously, Samsung? – whose back was reigned by an imposing hump that shot the thickness of the terminal .

As a curiosity, comment that, a few years later, Samsung decided to present a second generation of this experiment in the form of smartphone, with a somewhat more polished design. The result? A success according to its predecessor. That is, null.

Motorola FlipOut

About two years after the birth of Android, Motorola decided to venture into the market with a smartphone with a design as innovative as questionable: the Motorola FlipOut. It was a phone with a square screen, which had a physical QWERTY keyboard that slid sideways.

Probably, this Square Transformer is the opposite end to the sleek minimalist design that most of us are looking for in a smartphone today. Be that as it may, and although it seems incredible, the FlipOut came to sell quite well.

HTC ChaCha

What if you mix a HTC Wildfire with a Blackberry? HTC should have asked the same question back in 2011, when he decided to ally with Facebook and later introduce the ChaCha -o ChaChaCha, depending on the market.

The ChaCha was a terminal intended for more social users, which had a 2.6-inch screen and a physical keyboard that occupied the lower half of the front. While it was true that the terminal had some parts of its body made of aluminum, the mixture of colors white and silver, a chassis folded in half to supposedly improve ergonomics when writing, and the blue button Facebook located at the bottom, marked the antithesis of good taste that HTC has us accustomed.

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