Tips and How to Take Care of Motor Matic For Durability – In Indonesia especially matic users may have already quite a lot, whether it was the Adam and Eve on a motorcycle tersebut.Saya itself motorcyclists matic honda beat from the year 2013 until now alhamdulilah still preserved, although there is a broken part beberapart due to the fall of motor.Perawatan matic is actually not much different from the 4-stroke motorcycle. Motor matic do need sewa videotron  special care from their owners, especially now motor matic injection technology has many uses in which the perawatanya need to employ extra hard because perawatanya not as easy as using a carburetor.

If you are a user may matic tips below are ways to care matic you can try and practice at home so that the engine tetep lama.Sebenarnya durable and not much different from the tips on caring for the motor 4 is not, you can also read my previous post :

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Caring Motor Matic

OK Maybe just following a few tips you can try to practice at home, these tips conclusions from a variety of sources:

Panasi Motor before use.
It is not fair if it takes you direct current motors without heating gas in the engine before the engine used motor.Coba familiarize you panasi advance your motorcycle engine, so that the entire oil can be mixed in the machine so that the performance can maksimal.Untuk warming up the engine turned enough for 5 to 10 minutes.
Often Do not Change Rate of Speed
Well maybe for the children easily kebut kebutan is a natural thing, because andrenalin young man usually mengobar ngobar, why …? yes it used to be when I left high school, started out the gate directly throttle stuck while doing transmission gear, kept the brakes suddenly and gas again (first motor that I use is the motor honda WIN) but now have switched matic and soon moved again to motor sport that is new vixion .Usahakan for now if you use the motor matic do not get used to the speed kecang then suddenly brake suddenly and pull me again until tight gas and brake me again it will make you matic motorcycle engine easily damaged.
Always check Fuel (Gasoline)
Most people want to run out of petrol when the new charging, some are worse, until the motor can not be run on the new content of the fuel (gasoline). Well it is not to happen again, try pointer fuel should not be in the position E or empty what else passing of the letter E in the info speedometer. Try to always refuel your bike should not be empty.
Routine to always change the motor oil
For those of you who have motor matic try to regularly replace the motor oil change of motor oil .To schedule is done every 1000 KM and to turn the motor maximal transmission oil when the motor has reached 5000 KM
Check Battery Condition and Busi
2 motor components must tetep in guarding against performance motors tetep stable than that is not easy to strike when driving either be long or short trips. Busi motors are also very useful for motor matic it drove by kecang, if the battery components and also plugs did not function as it should then immediately replace it with a new try of authorized repair shops.
Check Roller and Ventbelt.
If the motorcycle so that the check is a chain motors and gear motors metic while you need to check on the rollers and ventbelt.Jika when you check and are already in a state unsuitable course you can try to replace it with a new one that can be standard ( original)
Oil Change Shockbreaker.
Oil is not only found in the engine, but the oil is also present in shockbreaker nah it is also necessary to turn the goal is nothing for shock tetep motorcycle which serves as mestinya.Oya to turn himself Shock motor can be replaced each motor reaches 10000KM.
Use Gasoline Quality.
Not infrequently there are those people who sell gasoline blend, although not much but you must be careful. Gasoline quality slag to affect the quality of your motorcycle engine, motor gasoline should seek to fill the right managed by the government (pom) or the place where the seller of gasoline that is already trusted. Because what if the produce is sold in pure gasoline it will lead to secure the motor but otherwise if not pure gasoline will certainly lead to danger for our motor.

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