Mixer is a tool that is used to knead the dough from mixing ingredients in dry conditions (dry ingredients) to form a dough.

The main function of the mixer is to dissolve ingredients used in the process of making bread and knead the dough until the dough becomes smooth (fully develop).

In principle the mixer is made so that it can be used to mix the dough all forms of dough for bread, cakes, biscuits and pastry, but each mixer has the advantages of each.

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There are several types of bread agitator (mixer) which is commonly used in the bread industry with various size or the capacity, including the type of Planatery mixer. JUAL PANCI PRESTO .What exactly is the purpose of the Planetery mixer and why it is more efficient for the beginner who would attempt bakery?

Planetary mixer is a mixer type that uses the principle of rotating around the mixer bowl or container that is fixed (static) with a bowl that can be opened or removed separately. Mixer types of planetary stirrer equipped with 3 types namely: Hook, Paddle (flat beater) and a whisk (whipper) .

Stirrer type of hook used to stir the dough, Paddle (flat beater) is used for biscuit dough or short pastry (rub-in method), while the whisk (whipper) used for the cake batter (batter) or cream.

With the completeness of the types of very multipurpose planetary mixer to make different types of dough. Planetery mixer is suitable for home industries and small-scale bakery. The available capacity on the market between 5 liters to 30 liters.

To give you an idea for what to investments in equipment for bakery business, here are some tips that may help you, before deciding to buy a mixer, both to increase production capacity or to start a business, is as follows;

If the product that will be created as diverse as bread, cake or biscuits with a small capacity of the planetary mixer type that has 3 types of agitator (hook, beater and whipper) is the best option that can be used.

Choose stirring mixer having a capacity of 10-25% larger than the state-owned production capacity now.

If the product that will be created is a product of bread (yeast raised dough) or Pastry, then the spiral mixer will provide a more optimal
To be more clear about the various tools used in a home bakery business, you can read the book AZ Bakery .

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