Tips on Using Bow Tie Quickly

In fact jual dasi as the current fashion man develops, bow tie or bow tie no longer have to be paired with tuxedo or black suits. Whenever you can put a fixed origin in the proper dress path. How to make the knot? Follow the steps below.

Adding attributes and accessories in a style that men show is never a word wrong. Most importantly, how the style created to improve your self-appearance becomes more classy or masculine. A bow tie for example. This one mode attribute is also known as bow tie. If seen from its history, a bow tie can be said is not a fashion thing. The roots of the butterfly bow tie that you know today were first used by Croatian war missionaries in the 17th century. The form was fairly simple, like a scarf tied around the neck into a knot.

As time went by, fashion flourished. In the 18th century, the French recognized the knot bow tie as the “Cravat” popularized by the bourgeoisie at the time. The cravat model that was known at the time was much different from the wider size and the number of windings spelled out a lot. In the 19th century, bow tie or bow tie as if patented into one of the fashions that must be owned by men. In formal occasions morning, noon, or night, a bow tie is worn when wearing a tuxedo suit. There are some men who are reluctant to wear a bow tie for fear of a feminine image attached to him.

Unfortunately, the statement was wrong. The bow tie is a fashion attribute that is a symbol of elegance as well as the size of how classy a man is in dressing. But back again, every view is relative. But there’s no harm in you knowing a bow tie and trying to match it to wear while attending a formal moment with black suits or tuxedo dresscodes. Nowadays, so many sold a ready-made butterfly bow tie, with patent straps and knots, just stay tight and tighten. Voila! But by wearing a bow tie that you knot yourself much more meaningful and able to raise your credibility in the dress code.

All right, let’s investigate whether there is the easiest way to make a knot bow tie. So far, there are eight steps that are easiest to make a knot bow tie.

Step 1:
Imagine like you are making a regular tie knot, only this bow tie is shorter and wide-ended. Pull both with one end slightly longer than the other.
Step 2:
Cross the longer end, place it on the shorter end.
Step 3:
Drag the longer end to the back and drag upwards. After that, make sure the tip of the tie was back facing forward.
Step 4:
Then position the lower end under a slight bend to make the beginning of the knot later.
Step 5:
The upper end, pull down again past the end of the twist. Make sure the front of the tie is back facing front after you pull back.
Step 6:
Well, you start entering a difficult stage in making the knot bow tie. The tip of the tie that formed slightly bend now you pull the middle through the hole formed between the ropes that had been above with the knot in the middle.
Step 7:
You’ve succeeded in forming the tie knot earlier? Good! Now, turn the tie rope that is still extended long pull slowly with a little curve. Make sure that between the front and back of the tie is not interchanged, both should appear in front of the tie. Then take the middle side of the curve and tuck in the hole that is between the nodes that you have made before.
Step 8:
How? Have the right butterfly tie knot already formed? Now, pull the two tie nodes and tighten them according to the circumference of your neck.

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