Tips to Stay in Printing Business

Surviving in the Printing Business is a must even though this business belongs to a business that has been around for quite a while and is predicted to continue to exist and grow. Yes, although the advancement of digital technology makes the market of the printing business gradually begin to erode. Call it the newspaper business, which recently began to turn into various news portals in cyberspace.

Although the printing business is predicted to continue to exist and become one of the profitable business, this is because the trend is changing. In the past the printing business relied more on sources of turnover than newspapers, books and brochures / pamphlets now began to shift to labeling, packaging, hang tags, and similar percetakan digital printing products.

Also the advancement of digital techniques opens its own opportunities for the printing business.

However, the tight competition makes not a little of this business is out of business. Competitive prices and tend to be unhealthy, considerable investment is suspected to be the main cause of this state.

In some printing centers, this is true. Condosinya really different from 5 years ago. The usually crowded road has become rather quiet. The sound of the engine wherever it begins to decrease.

Here are 3 Tips to survive in the printing business

1. Stay away from Price War. This is the main mistake of today’s businesspeople. Young is hooked by price fight. Even in the printing business, both ofset and digital we often encounter many entrepreneurs who dare to lose just to seize the customer. Of course this way is not wise because it could even be a Time Bomb for our business. We recommend konsntrasi on quality and best service first so even though our price is not the cheapest but the consumer remains loyal to our company

2. Start Switching and Glancing the Online Market. Can not be denied again, the online market in 3 ningkatnyan public confidence this year more seductive. Increased public confidence in online shopping should be utilized. Of course we need seriousness in mengeloah web or our online printing shop. Show the best portfolio, measurable and targeted promotions. Website that ber SEO, Keeping the trust of kcustomer kusustomnya consistency of the manufacturing process becomes an absolute laden success in online business. A very wide online market also makes us not need to take big profit, because of intense competition. But based on experience, the quantity gained on the market on line is far greater than the conventional printing business.

3. Sell Items. This is a great tip to overcome the loneliness of orders. Sell ​​finished products that are based on our core business. For example: Selling posters (images based on our main market), Selling Greeting Cards, Stickers, Name Label Stickers, Pop Ups, Scrapbooks, Wallstickers and many more. This product product is also very can be sold online.Berikut example business name sticker that allows us the production if we already have a machine printing machine

4. Business Penetration. Grow your business, the area that the competition is lower. For example rural areas / districts that are still logical or reasonable and business printing market is still possible. Because printing is a broad business so it is still possible to open markets in areas with lower competition levels.

5. Be careful in your machine investment. Do not be rash, do not follow lust or trend for a moment. Do not invest your money into the tool / printing machine before you have a large market order for that machine. We recommend that you first test the market with a makloon system to the partner who owns the machine. When the new start order is investing Now is not the right time to speculate in the printing business.One-wrong business you even meet the deadlock point.

These five ways can help us find new steps if our business starts to stag. Rare no.3 can be a very helpful alternative in a pinched state. Not infrequently entrepreneurs who rise precisely when the best innovation will appear.

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