Top 10 Mascots That Must Be In Promoting Your Business

Honestly, when I was a kid I was very acute with the name of a clown. For some reason, the clowns that the little boys say are funny and entertaining, I find even scary. Makeup which others think is very interesting even scares me. Maybe there are some factors that make me afraid.

These 10 clowns are very annoying, and you should avoid them. It may look funny, but I do not think so. Here are the ten clowns.

10. Krusty The Clown
Krusty the clown is very familiar. He is one of the characters in The Simpsons cartoon series. Krusty is well-liked by children because of his humor and humor on tv, but it’s very different if it’s out on television.

Krusty is a veteran in the entertainment world who live hard. He is a tired person, who has been in and out of the gambling world a few times but still loves the persuading himself, smokers, drinkers as well as a drug addict such as; Percodan, Pepto-Bismol, and Xanax. Krusty spends money as fast as he gets it: buys cigarettes for hundreds of dollars; Buy a lot of porn magazines; And always losing horse bets.

Then, why is Krusty included on this list? Of course, you do not want to deal with people who bring drugs, booze, and dangerous goods.

9. Pulcinella
Pulcinella, was a character in a theater in the 17th century entitled The Commedia dell’arte. A collection of professional theaters wearing masks.

Its main characteristic is its very long nose, which resembles the lung. He is an evil and cunning person: pretending to be stupid and to defeat people. He has also appeared in some modern fiction like Konrad Beezo and his son Punchinello, the antagonist character in the novel “Life Expectancy”, by Dean Koontz.

He is the hottest clown in this list. Pulcinella can be said to be the “ancestor” of the evil clown genre, and certainly worthy of this list.

8. Ronald McDonald
You must know this one clown. A clown who became the mascot of fast food brands. Most of the McDonald’s existing countries have an actor who becomes Ronald McDonald who is often hired for children’s parties.

The reason for this time is somewhat different. Because Ronald is so famous for controlling child mischief, he is always accompanied by several bodyguards. The danger is: if you are a kid and too close to Ronald, the bodyguard will keep you from Ronald by force. So remember, next time if you see Ronald, do not get too close to him if you do not want to end up hurt.

7. Doink
In the early 90s, a wicked clown character joined the World Wrestling Federation (now we know the Smack Down show). Doink is described as a villain clown. He will be cruel, like breaking a balloon with a cigar, spraying water into the audience, and using a fake hand to attack the opponent. He even attacked his opponent with a car battery. The music to welcome him was typical of the pleasant circus music, which quickly turned into spooky music, complete with crazy chuckling sound effects.

6. Killer Clowns
From the name alone, of course, we already know that he is a clown killer. A clown coming from outer space is in a movie of the same name. A clumsy-looking clown troop landed their circus tent ships in a small town in America called Crescent Cove. Clown troops attack casualties with laser guns that make them become like a cocoon of cotton candy that eventually makes them die.

Clown troops use a way that does not look dangerous to ensnare the victim. Like a killer doll, a balloon-shaped dog, and a laser gun that looks like a child’s toy. Because the way they appear is not suspicious, the people in the city do not know who they really are until they are late to find out.

5. Ubu Roi
Ubu Roi (King Ubu) was played by Alfred Jarry, the first time in 1896. It was one of the precursors of the Theater of the Absurd and the greatest surrealist art movement of the early 20th century. The main character, Ubu (who obviously looks like a clown), lives in a world filled with greed. He is an antihero-fat, ugly, vulgar, greedy, dishonest, stupid, cruel, cowardly and wicked. Like Macbeth, Ubu kills the king who helped him with the encouragement of his wife, seized his throne and was eventually defeated and killed by his son. So the reason is obvious, you certainly do not want to deal with a killer clown, is not it?

4. Poltergeist Clown

You who have watched a Poltergeist horror series will remember a scene, where a child is killed by his clown toy (which is actually Poltergeist Clown). There is not enough information about this scene, but the picture above will remind you how frightening it is. This famous scene is not the best in the movie, but it’s definitely worth a look.

3. Joker
Joker is a famous evil character in the Batman story. Perhaps Heath Ledger is the most sinister depiction of the Joker in all of Batman’s movies to date. Throughout his comic performance, Joker is described as a veteran villain of varying degrees: from a cruel psychopath to a foolish criminal. His appearance is not like most clowns, but he has enough features to include in the evil clown genre.

2. Pennywise
Pennywise is an eponymous character that can change shape in Stephen King’s book. Pennywise mostly appears as a clown (especially when stalking children), but also appears as a giant spider. Humans have never seen what its original form is in a place called “deadlights”. Every thirty years, He came back to life to terrorize and destroy. At the end of the novel, it is revealed that He is a female and laying eggs.

1. Pogo
Pogo has a good reason to be on this list: if you deal with him, you will die. Pogo is the name of a clown character used by John Wayne Gacy to make connections with young men so he can rape, torture, and kill them. Gacy taught himself how to make up the face as a clown and made his own costume. In an ironic and strange way, he deliberately painted his sharp cornered mouth into a normal look so as not to frighten the children. Gacy committed multiple murders at local children’s and local hospital parties. Undoubtedly, Pogo epitomizes the concept of being a “Kostum Badut“. Pogo has between 25 and 30 people.

So how, still interested in hiring a clown to your child’s birthday party?

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