Trelew, Millions of Years to Be Found

It is the geographical center of the Península de Valdés region, with several attractions and more to enjoy a few kilometers, either to the beach or inland.

Patagotitán’s long neck appears like a periscope in the Chubut plateau: the world’s largest dinosaur replica – 42 meters long and 76 tons – takes us back in time. And, in Trelew, time is calculated in millions of years.

Invited by ENTRETUR (Ente Trelew Touristic) I will Travel to visit the city that has the most diverse attractions.

The MEF (Museum of Paleontology Egidio Feruglio) is a center of scientific research and shows its findings, with surprisingly didactic samples that take us to the audiovisual path from Patagonia’s first inhabitant to Paleozoic. The femoral patagotite found in the area is the only MEF fossil to be touched, allowing it to feel the sensation of carrying a history of 110 million years in hand.

Toninas, elephants and penguins

In bustling Port Rawson, 25 miles from Trelew, we started to watch the dolphins. The friendly Patagonian dolphins chase ships with jumps and dives, representing a great natural spectacle, boys and photographers who want to catch acrobatics.

Out of the water, after traveling about 50 kilometers we reached the beach in front of Escondida Island. At this point, from August, large numbers of marine elephants reproduce and replace their coats. They are divided into harems, led by an impressive man who reaches over six meters and weighs up to four tons, and it is evident that these animals can dive up to 1,500 meters for food.

123 kilometers from Trelew is a protected protected area of ​​Punta Tombo, home to the largest colony of Magellan penguins in the world. At the entrance to the property is located the Interpretation Center which offers, through models, sculptures and reproductions, penguin experiences at sea and land. Tempat wisata keluarga. Then, before embarking on a journey to the penguins, the advice of the chronicler: try the choripán in La Regina, belonging to the family who gave up their land for the creation of the reserve. Penguins lurking their nests beneath the dwarf forest in the area. On a street parallel to the beach, very limited, it is common to cross with animals that come and go from the sea, and the priority of the passage really belongs to them. In an impressive natural environment surrounded by turquoise seas, beginning in September, more than 800,000 Patagonian penguins come to breed and raise their children.


As we turned our backs on the sea, we embarked on a journey through the fertile Chubut River Basin. The landscape is completely changed, with soft green undulations and several irrigation canals that allow the production of vegetables, alfalfa and cherry trees, among other plants.

Gaiman, 15 km from Trelew, with undeniable Welsh roots, is among other attractions with the village’s first house, which is preserved in its original state. Built in 1874 by David Roberts and his wife Jemima Jones, this allows us to know part of the privacy and customs of the first settlers. Other places to visit: the beautiful and distinctive Bethel Chapel, built in 1913, and the Chubut Central Railway Tunnel, 1914. But the tea ritual, accompanied by the famous Welsh cake and other delicacies, is what captures the preferences of visitors

At 20 kilometers we arrived at Dolavon, the “city of norias”, a tranquil area crossed by an irrigation trench built by the Welsh, who still preserved the norias at the time. There, in 1927, the wheat flour mill – now restored – was built, which supplied the flour used by La Molienda’s restaurant for its bread and pastries. Another very interesting place to discover is the historic Compañía Mercantil del Chubut building.

Crossing the bridge over the Chubut River, 16 kilometers from Dolavon, the 28 de Julio rural commune appeared, with its name commemorating the arrival date of Mimosa. This is the ship where they traveled from Liverpool over 150 Welsh colonies, which gave rise to the first towns in Chubut.

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