Tutorial How to Work Fire Sprinkler

Fire sprinkler or fire sprinkler is a component of the sprinkler system fire ( fire sprinkler system ), which serves water spout when the potential of fire has been detected. Jual Smoke Detector Jakarta

Potential common fire is detected is specified temperature rise is exceeded.

Fire sprinkler is widely used throughout the world, with more than 40 million installed sprinkler heads each year.

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How it Works Fire Sprinkler

How it Works Fire Sprinkler very simple. Sprinkler is the point of spending fitted with pressurized water channel stopper (plug) end section. Plug will resist the flow of water and will work out of water when the surrounding temperature reaches a specific melting point.
How it Works Fire Sprinkler
The plug is also a temperature-sensitive sensor ( heat-sensitive ). Currently there are 2 types of plug used for Fire Sprinkler.

Fusible Alloy : also called fusible link or fusible metal, the metal alloy that melts at low temperatures (below 150 ° C or 302 ° F)
Heat-Sensitive Glass Bulb : or heat-sensitive glass ball, the ball of glass will shatter upon their specific temperature rise that causes the reaction liquid inside the glass bulb.
Fire Sprinkler classification

Fire sprinklers can be classified based on the maximum temperature specified for the sprinkler work.

Here is the standardization of NFPA 13, 2007 shows the maximum limit temperature, nominal operating temperature of the sprinkler, the color of the ball or fusible links and temperature classification.

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