Why Most Women Love to Have Puppets

Who says just a little girl who likes to play with dolls? Nowadays, more and more women are obsessed to collect baby dolls that look real. But you can not blame them either. This little doll is cute and adorable. If you do not look closer, you would think that this woman holds a newborn boneka promosi baby and not just a baby doll.

These dolls come in a variety of sizes and designs to choose from. They come along with different baby accessories that can be very stylish. This baby doll really looks like a real baby so they will even cry. Their hair and eyelashes even look like the real ones. Really, having one of these dolls will make you feel like a mother.

Some women will collect these dolls to store their baby’s baby clothes and accessories. Especially when their baby is an adult, they will dress their dolls with their baby clothes. Through this, they will always remember how cute and cuddly their children as a baby.

For other women, especially those who are not blessed with children, having this doll is one of the best ways to overcome their depression. Caring for a doll will make them feel like real moms. Instead of feeling lonely, they would rather take the time to play with their dolls, wrapping them in real baby clothes and accessories. Having this doll with them and caring for her because her real baby is sure to make them feel full.

For mothers who have lost their children, this doll is also very helpful when they mourn. Surely it is not easy to cope with this tragedy and having a baby doll is one way to help them overcome their grief. They tend to forget their loss when they have a baby doll on their arm. Their baby memories come true every time they have them with them. They will dress them in the clothes of their children to make them feel always with them.

There are also some who want to have a collection of this real-life baby doll and decorate it in their room. They just amazed how pretty these dolls are especially because they look like a true newborn baby. They are just unbearable and cute. Some will choose to place them in a box and display them on the shelf. But for others, they’ll put them in a crib, a stroller or a high chair like a real baby.

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