Windows 10: How Microsoft rolls your PC tomorrow

Windows 10

When Microsoft introduced Windows 10 , the company made one thing very clear: this system is the last big Windows version. Instead of offering a new, fee-based upgrade every two to three years, you only want to sell Windows 10 from now on – and continue to develop it with major updates. Tomorrow is the time again: With the Creators Update the third update package is ready. We betray what’s inside.

What’s New in Windows 10?

The most important features for Microsoft are currently not particularly interesting for the average user: As the name suggests, the creators update is primarily aimed at creatives. Microsoft is particularly concerned with the creation of 3D content. Paint, Powerpoint and the BrowserEdge are supported for 3D. Even content that mixes reality and computer images (“Augmented Reality” or “Mixed Reality”) is now better supported in Windows .

For normal Otto users the update is nevertheless worthwhile. Because Windows 10 gets some great new features:

  • More security: With the booted Windows Defender, all security functions are now bundled in one central location, making Windows more secure.
  • More transparent data collection: Although Microsoft’s data-hunger can not be stopped with the creators update, the users are now better informed, however, what data Microsoft collects. The choice, which one wants to share, becomes easier: one can now send only basic data or all collected data to Redmond.
  • More order in the start menu: Windows 7 fans will not be able to get rid of the tiles in the Start menu. With the new folder function, however, you get more order in the tangle chaos.
  • Better browser: If you have 30 tabs open, you’ll love the new Edge browser. With the Creators Update tabs can be selected for later reading, they remain open, but do not eat any system resources anymore. In addition, Edge can now display ebooks and displays annoying Flash content only if you really want it.
  • Nice extras: With a resource-optimized game mode for gamers, an eye-catching night-light mode, unlocking via compatible smartphone and picture-in-picture function, Microsoft has installed some chic additional features.

How do I get the Creators Update?

From Tuesday, Microsoft wants to distribute the update quite regularly via the Windows update. If you do not get it immediately, but should not be surprised. In order not to overload the servers, the update is rolled up into waves. In case of doubt, it can also only appear during the week on your computer.

How to prepare for the update?

The Creators Update is only available if the computer is up-to-date. So, if you have a whole series of pending updates, you have to import the first. In addition, there should be sufficient free memory on the computer. How much free space is needed depends on your own installation and can not be exactly stated.

As with any major update, you should also back up the important files or even the entire system. Because problems can arise with the new Windows Defender , you can also think about removing your antivirus program and reinstalling it after the update.

What is Microsoft next?

The next update for this year is already in the starting holes. A first test version of “Redmond 3” is already ready, but up to some new errors have been discovered so far however no innovations. Presumably Microsoft will use the update scheduled for the end of the year for an optical re-painting. At the end of last year, screenshots of the general overheated Windows were called up under the name “Project Neon” . And at the latest, Windows 10 feels almost like a complete upgrade to a new system – just that we do not have to pay for it.

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